Bulat Okudjava

Bulat Okudjava


Symbol: C 60-1331-2
Rok: 1979

Gatunek: Folk, World&Country

Więcej szczegółów

17,00 zł

17,00 zł za szt


Okładka płyty w stanie : DOBRYM
Płyta w stanie IDEALNYM (ang. mint)

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  1. Song About A Moscow Ant
  2. I Sing My Woman's Praises
  3. Sentries Of Love
  4. A Paper Soldier
  5. Dip Your Brushes, Painters
  6. Song About An Opened Door
  7. A Visiting Musician
  8. A Battle Piece
  9. Song Of A Blue Balloon
  10. I Have Hope Again


  1. Draw The Blue Blinds, Please
  2. A King Was Going To War
  3. I'm Writting A Historical Novel
  4. An Old Soldier's Song
  5. Don't Drop, My Head
  6. Your Excellency Woman
  7. Life Is Not A Game
  8. A Familly Picture At Pushkin's Monument
  9. A Trolleybus Was Going Along The Street
  10. Love In April
  11. Let's Admire

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